A 7 x 7 Mile Drawing Across San Francisco

PROJECT UPDATE:Five epic group excursions departed from the same site, StoreFrontLab, and ended at different points along the water, going counter-clockwise around the perimeter of San Francisco. Over 100 people participated in the walks, sharing and spreading their stories and observations across the city.

On each walk we collectively tracked points and moments of interest, marking them on the sidewalk with chalk and audio recording field notes on location. I then plotted the coordinates of these points directly onto the wall of the gallery, on top of a giant projected map. For the final show at StoreFrontLab, I created two sound pieces by editing and splicing together the nearly 500 different recordings.

The next phase of this project is to create a interactive web version of this map, where clicking each point of interest will play the note recorded there. You can check out my progress here: http://ilyseiris.github.io/lines-made-by-walking/ Now that I have plotted all the points, a lot of the work is happening offline: tweaking each of the recordings individually then uploading and connecting them to the points through the magic of spreadsheets and code. Bear with me while I learn in public!

I discussed the project at re:publica 2015 in Berlin during the session Mapping Public Intensities: Emerging Tools for Critical Urban Practices:




Five excursions departing from the same site (StoreFrontLab) and ending on the water, going counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the city: North, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast.

On each walk we will collectively track points and moments of interest, marking them on the sidewalk with chalk and recording field notes. Throughout the month, we will transcribe these encounters in the same chalk by marking their precise locations on a map projected directly on the wall at StoreFrontLab. When the projector is off, this installation will be a scaled representation of the 7 mile by 7 mile drawing our marks make throughout the city.

Friday Eve 9/19:  Opening Reception, 6-8:30PM
Saturday 9/20: Walk 1: North (click for map)
Saturday 9/27:  Walk 2: Northwest (click for map)
Sunday 10/5:  Walk 3: Southwest (click for map)
Wed. Eve 10/8:  Maptime SF (RSVP and details)
Sunday 10/12:  Walk 4: Southeast (click for map)
Saturday 10/18:  Walk 5: Northeast (click for map)
Sunday Eve 10/19:  Closing Celebration, 6-8PM

All events take place at or embark from StoreFrontLab, 337 Shotwell St between 17th and 18th in San Francisco.

Register for a spot via Eventbrite here.

Facebook event here. 

A project by Ilyse Iris Magy.

If you are reading this on Mobile and are thinking of coming on a walk, check out the FAQ here.

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